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TTI Halloween Special Part II: “Sexy” Halloween Party

Halloweekend is finally upon us. It’s three days of full-on partying while showing off your best costume, and our favorite tennis players have already gotten into the spirit of the season. At the WTA Tournament of Champions in Sofia, Alizé Cornet showed up to her match wearing a witch’s hat. Unfortunately for her, she seemed to cast a spell on herself and lost the match in straight sets to Spain’s Garbiñe Muguruza.

Halfway across the world, Caroline Wozniacki was turnt up at a Columbia Law School Halloween Bash. Her costume of choice was a “sexy” version of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. The costume would have obviously been even more fitting had Serena accompanied her as Batman.

However, Caroline’s costume did get me thinking.

For most twenty-somethings, Halloweekend is a time where you can dress up as a sexy version of anything, and no one can judge you because everyone else is doing it as well. So, what would other tennis stars dress up as? I’ve made some educated guesses that are probably scientifically accurate.

Serena WilliamsSexy Broken Tennis Racquet

During her WTA Finals semi match against Wozniacki, Serena epically smashed her racquet out of frustration. Though this isn’t the first time she’s busted a frame in anger, this instance was particularly – and frighteningly – awesome. Therefore, Serena should show up as the ghost of her tennis racquet, but in true adult Halloween fashion, as the sexy version of said racquet-ghost.

I’m not sure what a sexy tennis racquet ghost would even look like, but I’m sure Serena would be able to go above and beyond with that concept.

Petra KvitovaSexy Wimbledon Trophy

It’s no secret that Kvitova’s two biggest claims to fame are her two Wimbledon titles. She’s one of only 21 women who have won at the All-England Club more than once. It’s only logical that she should pay homage to her wins by dressing up as the trophy. I mean, it’s already pretty sexy in the first place. It’s 18 ¾ inches of pure sterling silver, and I’m sure with all of the prize money she’s won, she can afford to buy a little bling for her costume.

Plus, whenever she walks into the room, this song should be playing:

Rafael NadalSexy Clay Court

Nadal is the King of Clay; there’s no doubt about it. Nadal is also a very attractive man; there’s also no doubt about it. Thus, he should combine the two and go as a sexy clay court. In my opinion, to create the costume, Rafa will need to cover himself with clay, spray some white paint on him, and wear a little tennis net on his head.

Yes, I have thought about this extensively.

Grigor DimitrovSpooky Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov should go as himself for obvious reasons, if you know what I mean. Or if he’s feeling a little bit spooky, throw a little fake blood on, put on some vampire fangs, and you’ll be good to go, Grigor.

Don’t forget to text me the address of the party, okay?

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