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Serena & Caroline Take Manhattan: A Multimedia Experience

There’s no doubt about it: Caroline Wozniacki had the best week ever and spent it with her Bestie4Life, Serena Williams. In fact, if you look up the definition of “friendship” in the dictionary these days, I’m pretty sure the search will only yield selfies and tweets between these two tennis greats. Of course, you know a friendship is strong when one friend is totally okay with the other destroying her hopes and dreams from time to time. These two spent the last week parading their friendship and obscenely perfect lives on social media and we loved every single moment of it. For those who missed the lovefest, here’s a recap of Carena‘s amazing week. And yes, the two together will now be referred to as Carena on The Tennis Island, by the power vested in #me.

**To get the full effect, here’s some mood music**


Like most besties, their week together started a day early. In the hours before Wozniacki took on her first New York City Marathon, she joined Serena in search of some competitive inspiration at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Pay close attention to the popcorn; it’s a recurring prop over the next few days:

My secret to finishing the marathon…. The carb loading the day before


Wozniacki’s official week began with a bang as she completed the Marathon in an astounding 3 hours and 26 minutes, which is basically superhuman considering she had never run a full-length marathon in her months of training. In true BFF style, Serena live-tweeted the race, and was at the finish line to congratulate her. There was laughter and, per Serena, even a few tears. Not going to lie, but I got pretty misty-eyed reading these tweets.

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Live from the red carpet.

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Monday was the day Carena became fashion divas. That night, they looked FLAWLESS at the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund event. Props to Caroline for going out the night after running a marathon. I probably wouldn’t have left my couch for two weeks, minimum.


The two tennis queens kept up their athletic world tour and decided to watch some basketball, as the New York Knicks took on the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden Tuesday. Woz, of course, was eating some popcorn. After the success with her marathon, I honestly recommend that she eats this evidently magic snack before crucial tennis matches as well.

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Got busted with the popcorn… again… 🙈

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Did you really go to New York in the winter if you didn’t ice skate at Rockefeller Center? The answer is NO. Carena took the trip down to 30 Rock to indulge in some ice skating; from the videos they posted, it’s safe to say the Woz should stick with tennis – or running, who am I to pigeonhole? However, Serena looked pretty amazing out there, and I’m convinced if she was a part of our Winter Olympic team this year, she probably would have medalled in Sochi.

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Ice anyone?

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You know, I’m just a little peeved that when I went ice skating there once, I didn’t get to see two of the best tennis players in the world. Thanks to their Instagrams, it’s like I was there too – holding on to the bar and dragging myself around the rink not far behind.

Finally, the two completed their Manhattan adventure with a trip to see Aladdin on Broadway.

I hope they enjoyed that. *hint hint*

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