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Swinging from Vines: Recapping Serena vs. Maria

Many diehard tennis fans (who also happen to be fans of sleep) woke up this morning obsessively checking their phones to see if Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova (or vice-versa) in the Australian Open final.

Spoiler alert: Williams beat Sharapova, 6-3 7-6(5), to win her 19th major title, extending her winning streak against Sharapova to 16 straight wins.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, the time zone difference made it a bit difficult to watch. However, for those of us who didn’t have the willpower to stay up, the best way to catch up is to watch the match through six-second Vines and GIFs.

Because it’s the 21st century of course!

There was a whole lot of “Come On!”s in the match, which was to be expected from these two. These Vines alone are good evidence of that:

The match’s entertaining qualities also extended to the exciting audience. For example, this American fan gained a lot of attention for his look. In a neon 80’s-inspired outfit complete with afro and American flag paint, this fan single-handedly won best style at the Australian Open.

Here’s an idea, Aussies: there should be a fashion cam dedicated to the best dressed in the audience during changeovers.

As anyone would know, it’s funny to see someone get hit unexpectedly (see: 99% of the America’s Funniest Home Videos catalog). Unfortunately, a tennis ball claimed a victim during the match after an attempt to catch the ball went awry.

Though Sharapova ended up losing the match, she had her moments and gave Williams a run for her money. This dropshot was one of the highlights.

Despite her cough, Williams kept her cool for most of the match, and gave tennis fans a lot of GIF-able moments.

Example A: Keeping the snark alive.

Example B: Future dance sensation: the erratic stomp

In the end, the American edged Sharapova in an exciting second set, and celebrated. It wasn’t a crip walk, but it was nice to see her respect Australia’s culture in the immediate moments of her win.

Williams made a beeline to her players’ box and celebrated No. 19 with her team.

She also expressed her thanks to her family on Twitter.

Props to Sharapova, who played her heart out and gave an amazing runner-up speech. We can expect to see her bounce back from this loss and try and add another Grand Slam championship to her resume.

Will the men’s final match the ladies’ and give us great tennis, fashion, and sportsmanship? We certainly hope so!

What was your favorite moment from the women’s final? Sound off in the comments!

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