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Sereyoncé: The Eternal Sunshine on a Diva’s Mind

Remember this day, when the greatest paid homage to the greatest.

During the American’s recent shoot for Vogue magazine, Serena Williams and her team parodied “7/11” – also known as Beyonce’s greatest music video since Single Ladies. The adorable video, commissioned by Vogue, is a delight for anyone who enjoys Williams, tennis, Beyoncé and cute dogs.

Here at The Tennis Island, we’ve spent the last week (these things take time!) doing an in-depth analysis of the video and have highlighted the best moments.

(All GIFs courtesy of Twitter’s resident GIFpress, @roobynVC.)

The OP – Original Puppy

The main star of the video might be Serena, but the real show-stopper is Chip – her Yorkshire terrier.

A teeny-weeny puppy riding dirty while shotgun in a golf cart?

I didn’t even know I needed that image in my life until I saw it.

Move over Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and all you other felines, the canines are coming. For his part, Chip should become a worldwide phenomenon after this video.

For the record, I am not a dog person, but cute dogs like Chip have literally have opened my eyes to a new, dog-loving world.

Patrick + Serena = OTP

The scene with Patrick and Serena dancing with each other made my stone cold heart grow three sizes bigger, Grinch style. This tennis power pair gives Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi a run for their money. Dimitrov and Sharapova, who?*

It was also sweet to see Patrick having fun with Serena’s team in the video, since we usually see him as a stone cold fox during her matches. Nevertheless, get your groove on, Patrick.

As Missy Elliott would say, ain’t no shame in doing your thang.

*(Just kidding.)

The Tennis Racket’s POV

With a GoPro attached to her racquet, Serena served up some shots to the tune of Beyoncé singing, “Smack it / smack it / in the air.” How cool would it be if tennis players all had mini-GoPros attached to their racquets during their matches? WTA and ATP should fund a Kickstarter for these tiny cameras.

(On the other hand, I’m sure with all the racquet-smashing that happens, it would probably not be a wise investment.)

Additionally, I hope there are bloopers of this “7/11” video out there, and Serena smashes her racquet with the GoPro on it. For science.

Serena’s Dance Moves

Of course, I already knew Serena could move, ever since she did this.

And this.

And also, this.

However, I was still in awe after watching Serena’s dance moves. As a certified terrible dancer, I was ashamed that I can and will never be able to move my body as well as she does. Her pirouettes were to die for.

Her cartwheels (while holding a tennis racket) and handstands are considered Olympics-tier.

The fact that her team got in on the action was amazing, too. Their in-sync, choreographed moves in the mirror were on-point. The scene where they sit on chairs and toss tennis balls up to the beat should be considered cinematic gold. Her cookie monster onesie was icing on the cake, too.

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