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The Good, the Bad, and the Blah: The Official Pre-Wimbledon Party Post

Last night, the WTA’s tennis stars gave us a taste of their fashion sense at the annual Pre-Wimbledon bash. Each player worked the purple carpet like it was a runway despite very obvious fashion faux pas for some. Though the players are anticipating the third Grand Slam of the year and are all envisioning themselves as Wimbledon champions, which players won the title that really matters: TTI™ Best-Dressed? Here are our choices for players who looked flawless, looked tragic, as well as the players who bored us to tears.

Best Dressed

Serena Williams

Did we expect anything less from the reigning queen of tennis?


Simplicity was the theme for the best dressed women of the night. This dress combined with her absolutely gorgeous natural hair gave us arguably the best look of the night. Her accessories, especially the watch, accentuate the whole look, and we are slain yet again by Queen Serena.

Eugenie Bouchard

Bouchard’s 2015 might not be going so hot, but that dress definitely is. Hot take: This is Eugenie Bouchard’s biggest win of the year.

It’s simple yet chic, and the white is perfect since this is Wimbledon. My only gripe would be that it’s a very mature dress and it ages her, but she still looks better than most people. Plus, the black clutch is the perfect accent piece.

Four for you, Genie!

Petra Kvitova

Kvitova just served us with this impeccable navy blue look and showed us what a Wimbledon champion looks like. Will she be able to win a second consecutive title this year? Maybe, but this dress looks so good on her that it probably just increased her odds.

Worst Dressed

Maria Sharapova

Oh, Maria.

It looks like you’ve personally sewn all of your grandmother’s doilies together to create that dress. Granted, this dress could’ve looked a lot worse on someone else, but Sharapova’s statuesque figure makes it look semi-tolerable.

Victoria Azarenka

There are so many things happening in this unfortunate mess of an ensemble that my eyes are going in different directions.

Maybe the two-time Grand Slam winner was tipsy while getting ready — it is a party, after all — and accidentally slipped on a leather jacket as a skirt and didn’t notice. Perhaps she got ready in the dark and didn’t realize her fishnet heels were white and not a more complementary color.

Daniela Hantuchova

I’m not sure if the dress is supposed to look like it’s about three sizes too big, but even if it is supposed to, it is the definition of unfortunate. Hantuchova is drowning in blue fabric, and she might’ve gone under and disappeared during the party.

Also, the Slovak’s makeup artist should be fired after this. Her tan and eyeliner combine for a very Jersey Shore look. Hopefully, for her sake, Hantuchova will have more success on the court at the All-England Club.

The Blah

Garbine Muguruza

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this. This outfit is a safe choice despite the ravishing red, and Muguruza might as well be on her way to senior prom.

On the other hand, she does have an eerie resemblance to the dancing woman emoji, so it might just be a costume. #halloWIMBLEween

(I’ll work on it.)

Laura Robson

….See comments above. It’s a less-ruffled version of Muguruza’s dress, but it doesn’t look bad. Plus, Robson’s smile radiates in the pictures, and it reminds us of how happy we are she’s back on the court!

Ana Ivanovic

I expected a lot better from Ivanovic. Namely, I wasn’t expecting a dress that resembled my own prom dress from high school. However, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ivanovic are definitely a cute couple, and their adorableness makes me refrain from ever wanting to say mean things ever again.

(Or at least until the next time I do this.)

Honorable Mention

Jelena Jankovic

On any other person, this get-up would be absolutely hideous, but Jankovic’s confidence makes it impossible to be a hater. Her dress may be serving 50 Shades of Grey realness, but she’s WERKing it. That pose is so fierce — it’s possible Jankovic could wear a garbage bag and I would be applauding her. Remember: confidence is half of the outfit!


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  1. Simona rocked this party, and no mention of her?!


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