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Taylor Swift: The Ultimate Wimbledon Good Luck Charm?

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to concoct ways to shoehorn Taylor Swift into my TTI content. At one point, I attempted to cast every player as a song from Swift’s recent album “1989” — to no avail.


But tonight, tennis and Taylor Swift combined in the most epic fashion.

Full disclosure: we weren’t ready.


Tennis stars Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Angelique Kerber, and Anna-Lena Groenfeld all spent their Saturday night jamming out to Taylor Swift at her 1989 Tour concert. If the players were feeling anxious because of Wimbledon, let’s hope they were able to shake it off at the concert.


Plus, maybe a little bit of Swift’s musical success will rub off on our Tennis Swifties, and they’ll have even better showings this upcoming week at the All-England Club!

Not every player watched the songtress entertain from the stands, as the World No. 1 strutted her stuff with the pop icon during her rendition of “Style.” She was joined by some of Swift’s famous friends, including supermodels Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss.

Let’s recap the enchanted night with a couple of Twitter and Instagram posts from our favorite players.

Germans Kerber and Groenfeld rocked out together. Groenfeld is obviously a very committed Swift fan, as her Twitter bio includes lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Clean.” Swift’s live rendition of the song was undoubtedly, therefore, a highlight for her. Kerber, by contrast, seems to be an undercover fan, and this concert seems to prove my theory that the faces on her skirt at the WTA party are all Swift. Be honest: the resemblance is uncanny!

Williams was certainly an honored guest at the concert, since she got to join Swift on stage — while the other players stared from the bleachers.


The five-time Wimbledon champion went to the concert with her BFFL Caroline Wozniacki, but unfortunately the Dane wasn’t invited on stage as well. Has a friendship-rivalry between Swift and Wozniacki developed because of this? Is there bad blood? Will the Woz sing her own rendition of “You Belong With Me?” I can only hope.


However, Wozniacki didn’t seem bothered, and she and Williams were singing along with Taylor Swift’s BFF Karlie Kloss for much of the concert.

With Wimbledon looming on Monday, the players must have enjoyed a break from the preparations to see a great show. Taylor Swift’s recent win against Apple might even give the players some inspiration for defeating the odds this weekend.

Or, Swift could be plotting some tennis related shenanigans. Maybe she’ll have a tennis-themed music video, or even buy the All England Club and renaming Wimbledon to the Swift Tennis Championship.

We just never know with her!

Here at TTI, we definitely look forward to Taylor Swift at least coming to see some tennis matches. Maybe she’ll even be in Williams’ box, cheering her on! Swift could definitely become a good luck charm for anyone.

Until next time…


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