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Nick Kyrgios vs. The World: Social Media Reactions

Tennis drama hit a new high as Nick Kyrgios, tennis’s latest rebel decided that not even recently arrested Bernard Tomic could take away his bad boy crown. Last night, the young Aussie took some controversial personal shots at French Open champion Stan Wawrinka during their second round match. During the second set, a frustrated Kyrgios insulted the Swiss — letting him know that Kyrgios’ best friend, Thanasi Kokkinakis “banged his girlfriend.”

Social media erupted after a vine documenting the incident surfaced. Before the match ended, the barb had gone viral.

Kyrgios took to Facebook to give a formal apology on the matter, and the ATP ultimately fined him $10,000. Wawrinka also condemned Kyrgios’s actions, noting that he wouldn’t repeat the words “to his worst enemy.”

Of course, they weren’t the only prominent figures letting the world know their thoughts. From other players to Kyrgios’ own family members — and everyone in between — people gave their opinion on the verbal dust-up.

Kyrgios’ mother and brother both rallied in support of their loved one and defended him quickly — to the ire of many. His mother, Nell Kyrgios, has since deleted her twitter account, and his brother, Christos Kyrgios, who is known for defending his brother, deleted his inital tweet, but left one up suggesting a physical altercation in the locker room.

Many WTA stars were disappointed by Kyrgios’ actions, and gave their input on the controversy. Some were outright disgusted by his disastrous choice of words.

Others found humor in the situation, and cracked some lighthearted jokes. Laura Robson and Andrea Petkovic’s conversation was definitely a highlight of the night.

Azarenka, however, did leave Nick and the twittersphere one crucial piece of advice.

After the initial whirlwind of drama, another video surfaced of Kyrgios making another comment towards Wawrinka, this time talking about the age of Wawrinka’s girlfriend.

Kyrgios’ day didn’t get any better as he fell to American John Isner in straight sets — and was booed viciously by a Montreal crowd, from start to finish.

Thus was the end of Nick Kyrgios’ horrible no good very bad two days. The Aussie bad boy will get a chance at redemption in the future, and maybe he’ll find a way to tone it down on the court.

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