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#RIPVine: Six(-Love) Seconds or Less

Photo: Christopher Levy

Photo: Christopher Levy

There was a major shakeup in all things digital on Thursday, as Twitter announced that Vine, and all the six-second videos that made the platform great, would soon be a thing of the past.

Since 2013, the app created a niche in the online landscape by allowing users to share, watch and re-watch videos of amusing, off-the-cuff or creatively staged moments. The app also quickly became an avenue for sports fans to share highlights, whether or not their favorite sport organization chose to embrace the platform. While Vine announced that it’ll be keeping the website online, and that users will be able to access and download their Vines, it remains to be seen if that agreement will be an indefinite one. In the interim, let’s take a look back on some of the best and most-looped to grace tennis over the years.

Special thanks to two of tennis Twitter’s best Vine minds — @tjc05 and our very own @Renestance — and all the others whose contributions to the noble house of Vine will not soon be forgotten. 

Sam Querrey + The Millionaire Matchmaker

Before big-serving American Sam Querrey was upsetting Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in 2016, he was doing a little show called The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo — in between, uh, playing more tennis.

While Querrey’s quest to find love on the hit show wasn’t much of a success — he told The Desert Sun that the woman he was shown with on the show “never talked” to him after filming — the American’s appearance on the show gave birth to three of the most iconic tennis(-related) Vines of all-time.


Chrissie Evert, Queen of the Soundbite

A polarizing figure in commentary, Chris Evert has often gone viral for some of her colorful comments during Grand Slams since become a staple in the booth. While the 18-time Grand Slam champion has shown marked improvement over the years, even becoming a beloved figure in tennis’ digital community, Vine immortalized some of her greatest gems and one-liners from the ESPN set — for better or worse.


Game, set and match, Evert — always.


Conflicts between umpires and players (and umpires and unruly fans) often produced some of the most-looped moments on the platform — especially when they ended like this.

And like this.

And definitely like this. #tryingtoplaytennishere

“Did That Just Happen??” — Hot Shots

These ranged from the infamous…

…to the iconic.


The marriage of tennis and pop culture produced some of Vine’s greatest hits.

(No pun intended.)

Bonjour, Alizé!

Alizé Cornet. How do I even begin to describe Alizé Cornet?

Vine helped.


She even spawned a moment that captures how many felt upon hearing Thursday’s news — among other #feels.

Thanks for the loops, Vine. We hardly knew ye.

….Right, Jelena?

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