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Follow Up Friday: Finals, Fans, and Federer Frolics

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| The Return of Rafael |

Though he may have fallen to world No. 56 Martin Klizan in the quarterfinals of the China Open, it was a welcome return to the ATP Tour from Rafael Nadal, who hasn’t been in competition since Wimbledon. A firm fan favourite and ferocious competitor, Nadal had been sidelined from the tour with a knee injury but reignited his season with an opening round win over Richard Gasquet in straight sets. The King of Clay will be looking to build form heading into London, perhaps donning a muscle tee and pair of short shorts.

One can only hope.

| Final Eight Set For Singapore |

Earlier this week, the WTA released the official poster for the Year End Championships in Singapore. Featuring the eight women who fought tooth and nail all year long to qualify for this prestigious event, the WTA Finals will offer fans a chance to witness some of the most competitive tennis of the season. Either that, or we’ll have fun witnessing monumentally scrappy three setters ensue (Sharapova vs. Radwanska circa 2012, anyone?). Featured on the poster are World No.1 Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Petra Kvitova, Eugenie Bouchard, Caroline Wozniacki, Agnieska Radwanska, Ana Ivanovic, and Simona Halep. It’s the first time since 2008 that Ivanovic has reached the YEC, whereas Halep and Bouchard will be Singapore’s debutantes. Bouchard, the first Canadian since 1989 to qualify, who hopes to turn some unfortunate H2Hs in her favour. It will be an interesting tournament, especially given the recent news of Serena Williams’ retirement from Beijing, citing a lingering knee injury. With Sharapova suddenly finding her form and Petra Kvitova blizting everyone in her path, the field promises maximal depth. My only question on the poster: why does one half consist of screaming lunatics and the other half being players gleeful in victory? Is the WTA trying to showcase the emotional depth of women’s tennis? Very clever Stacey; very clever.

| The Queen of Facebook, Maria Sharapova |

Early Friday morning it was confirmed that media icon Maria Sharapova became the most followed tennis player on Facebook. The #SharaFamily, Sharapova’s fanbase, began buzzing over the possibility of Sharapova overtaking Rafael Nadal, who had held onto the top spot since the start of 2014. While “Sachin-gate” may have contributed to the number of followers Sharapova received over the summer, it’s likely a potent combination of marketing, interactivity with fans and, of course, her on-court tennis which has ensured Sharapova of the top spot. To be sure, social media is a fickle platform, and followers come and go. At present, bow down to the Queen of Facebook, Maria Sharapova, with her 14.7 millions fans and counting.

| Hashtag #PhotoshopRF |

Roger Federer announced on Twitter that he would play two exhibition matches in New Delhi, India at the start of December. Much to the delight of his fans, he took to the Twittersphere to create a novel competition. Federer requested that his followers submit edited photos of him visiting locations around India using the hashtag #PhotoshopRF with the best ones retweeted onto his timeline. As expected the results were more than hilarious, take one of Roger leading a camel expedition along the junes of Jaisalmer, Rajastan. What about a casual dip in the Ganges or riding a majestic elephant with a RF logo flag? See some of the best creations below.

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