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Throwback SNOWday: Top 20 Rewind

It all started with a tweet.

A tweet turned into a call.

And that call, dear readers, was met with – say it with me – aplomb!

With TTI still buried beneath January’s Juno Blizzard, we wanted to know: when did you get into tennis? Was it at the height of rivalries between Martina and Chrissie or Pete and Andre? Was it when two sisters named Williams took over the women’s game? Or was it when a man named Roger hit his way into the history books?

The ATP and WTA websites allow for instant nostalgia on days like these, archiving their weekly rankings as far back as the eye can see.

What did the game look like when you dropped in? While you think back, check out the tennis world as it first existed by our staff and faithful viewers:

When content and stats guru Kevin Fischer joined the WTA, which Russian woman was at a career-high?

Who was in the midst of a comeback when our own Victoria Chiesa got in on the act?

Stephanie Neppl, the Twitterverse’s resident Nostalgia Chick, first tuned in at the start of something special:

A simpler time, long before “servebot” was a four-letter word…

The original ATP Golden Age:

A time for rivalries…

…or a time on the precipice of great change…

…or even a time of great uncertainty…

…but most importantly, a time that makes you feel young again!

Continue tweeting TTI the rankings from when you first became a fan, and have fun trying to guess the years from which rankings come!


Many thanks to @markmcgee91 for starting something very cool!

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