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VINE HA: Murray Downs Berdych to Reach Men’s Final

It was a cagey, narrative-filled semifinal with plenty of trash talk, deflated balls and momentum swings. But the Murray-Berdych encounter concluded with a fourth set win for the 2013 Wimbledon Champion.

TTI has compiled a one minute vineography of reactions and scenes from the dramatic encounter.

1. The match began in fine fashion,
with an A+ second serve shank:

2. Murray breaks Berdych as he served for the set. And Berdych has feelings about Murray having feelings.

3. Berdych said, “Good play Tomas” after winning the first set as both players walked past the net post.

Murray wasn’t all too pleased about that:

4. There was a little bit of s(w)earing going on throughout the match.

Just a little:

5. Andy Murray turns into Rafael Nadal for a second,
because why not:

6. After the first set, Berdych’s level fell off a cliff.

Many people were like:

7. The Scot put his – how you say – #émotions on the table…

8. …time and time again:

9. But an ace down the T sealed the deal.

10. One could think the Scot feels kinda good about making his first Slam final in 18 months:


Have missed any media highlights? Feel free to sound off below and comment ha!

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2 Comments on VINE HA: Murray Downs Berdych to Reach Men’s Final

  1. thank you. For everything. It’s incredible.


  2. This was fantastic. This is quickly becoming my favorite site for tennis coverage.


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