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Fed Cup Fashionistas: Judging the Off-Court Looks

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Fed Cup fever has been thriving on social media this week, with teams posting their on and off court outfits.

Let matching tracksuits, bad hairstyles and fake smiles ensue; in a war of nations, who will reign victorious?

Russia vs. Poland

Russia has been particularly successful this week in rallying team spirit, trying to deter the alleged drama between coach Anastasia Myskina and Maria Sharapova.

The beauty of Fed Cup lies in its ability to bring players together who don’t otherwise engage. For their official team portrait, they kept things safely in black – Sharapova introducing her chic sense of style with a belted coat, Pavlyuchenkova taking outfit notes from Myskina and Kuznetsova instead opting for killer heels. Selfies were on the agenda; so too was Kuznetsova’s inability to pose for the camera.

Grade: A-

Far from the awkwardness of Russia, Team Poland took to the sofa for their official portrait. High heels at the ready – monochromatic in black and white – the Radwanska sisters pull top model poses front and center, with a blurry selfie to rival the Oscars (well not quite).

For their superior posing abilities, I say: you go, Team Poland!

Grade: A

USA vs. Argentina

As per tradition for the official dinner portrait, the USA team dressed in designs from Serena’s Aneres line (get it?). Featuring a cap sleeve with a belted waist, the dress looked great on all involved. Serena’s sartorial prowess and the good effort in managing to get Coco in a Barbie pink dress, it’s a steady mark for Team USA.

Grade: B+

To counteract the simplicity of their American foes, the Argentines opted for abstract print jumpsuits and clogged sandals – yes you heard me right. Zebra chic fashion has never looked so good. I applaud the effort, but there’s room for improvement.

Grade: C

Germany vs. Australia

Germany probably has the tightest-knit team in all of Fed Cup. These girls aren’t afraid to take a selfie or two (hundred). German tennis is still going strong, headed by the hugely successful clay court tournament in Stuttgart, which went hard for this weekend’s tie. Slick in leather jackets and all black, they’re one of the best dressed teams around. Need I say more?

Grade: A+

Sophisticated dressing wasn’t exactly high on priority for the Aussies. They took to the German sub-zero weather to experience a little snow time. Given the heat of Australia, it must have been both a welcome and shocking change for the team, seen here with golden tans and, well, not much else. For braving the elements and referencing Frozen, Team Australia deserves a bump.

Grade: B-

Team GB

The Brits have the strangest knack for looking like a bunch of air hostesses on a night out, though they do look incredibly refined in their Ted Baker (yes, let’s promote a truly British designer!) dresses. Either that or they’re a group of bridesmaids taking selfies in a lobby. Though how great does the Queen of GB Fed Cup, Judy Murray, look?

Grade: B+

Team France

What’s Fed Cup without an Alizé Cornet selfie? Coached by Amélie Mauresmo, Team France square off against Italy this to claim top spot in the World Group I. Points knocked off for the absence of a signature Mauresmo scrunchie.

Grade: B-

Team Romania

Headed by the World No. 3 Simona Halep, Team Romania have been making waves recently in Fed Cup competition, and are on the hunt to reach the World Group I for 2016.

Currently up against a strong Spanish armada – by way of Garbine Muguruza and Anabel Medina Garrigues – it’ll be a tricky task this week for Halep and her Romanian compatriots. But that’s nothing a line-up of matching blue tracksuits can’t solve, right?

Grade: C+

Which team wore it best? Sound off in the comments!

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2 Comments on Fed Cup Fashionistas: Judging the Off-Court Looks

  1. Germans were not the best dress. Americans and Russians beat them by miles.


  2. Australians win, IMO! 🙂 As for real fashion, maybe American photo looks the most sophisticated.


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