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#askAM: The Definitive Top 10 Tweets

In the run up to Indian Wells several players have taken to twitter for impromptu Q&As. Roger Federer did on World Tennis Day, Agnieszka Radwanska threw her hat in the ring when she traveled over to the US. But when World No. 4 Andy Murray tweeted this:

the tennis community perked up and took notice. In his signature (yet always surprising) style, the dry Brit took on questions ranging from the serious to the insulting to the downright nutty

They’re all must reads, but TTI took up the challenge of ranking his ten best. What did we learn?

10. He’s a Hugger:

Even if you’re an excited little boy and Murray’s just won a gold medal. Hugs for everyone!

9. He’s a Realist:

He can’t see the future. He’s not a genie.

8. He Knows Who’s Boss:

That’s the difference between Davis Cup and weddings, you guys.

7. He’s a People Pleaser:

Everyone, ready your GIF-tools in advance.

6. He’s Fluent in Sarcasm:

There can be some undeniable Spiderman action in his matches.

5. He’s Open to Criticism:

(When asked “why are you so arrogant?”)

4. He’s #teamHippo:


3. He Holds No Grudges:

Drinks on Andy, but he’ll be having a lemon soda, thanks.

2. He’s Not Exactly Down with the Kids:

Oh Andy. Never change.

1. But Above All, He’s There to #HelpABrotherOut:

There were even more beauty tips, which just about broke the internet.

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe he’s Andy Murray.

What was your favorite #askAM tweet? Sound off in the comments!


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