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Alla’s Holla: Kudryavtseva’s Bad Day in Paris


Photo: Christopher Levy

You’ve got to feel for Russia’s Alla Kudryavtseva. The former World No. 56 had the brightest possible start to her season, reaching the quarterfinals of Brisbane as a lucky loser.

Since then, there hasn’t been a ton of luck, and quite a few more losses for Maria Sharapova’s most vocal fashion critic. The Russian hasn’t won a match since January, and though she was seeded No. 18 in Roland Garros qualifying, it was always going to be a tough day against the equally feisty Paula Kania of Poland.

Without a live broadcast, the tennis world must rely on one of its own to relay the goings-on during the typical qualifying event. But few have been so faithful and diligent in their documentation as Stefano Berlincioni, who has been live-tweeting his Roland Garros observations on Twitter and is a must-follow @Carretero77.

The drama began towards the end of the first set…

Incurring a point penalty, Kudryavtseva needed to cool off:

The Russian tried hitting through her frustration…

…but her emotions were starting to get the best of her:

Not even a winner could lift her spirits:

Inevitably, there were tears…

…many, many tears:

It all ended with a Kania win (and a quick handshake):

If the pictures aren’t enough, there’s even video:

Be sure to follow Stefano on Twitter for what promises to be more entertaining on-site coverage!

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