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Tchin Tchin! TTI Presents: The 2015 Roland Garros Drinking Game

Photo: Christopher Levy

Photo: Christopher Levy

It is that time of the year again! Another Slam has begun, and what would a Slam be without an accompanying drinking game. So order a bottle of your favorite vin rouge from the TTI bar and enjoy the madness that should/could be Roland Garros 2015.

But please – drink responsibly!

– The Roland Garros website publishes an article that riles up a player. TAKE A SWIG (just to get you started).

– Serena Williams’ loss to Virginie Razzano is mentioned at least once during one of her matches. TAKE A SWIG. Someone brings it up in one of her press conferences and Williams walks out, saying “TMI”. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– The Roland Garros app continues to have a life of its own, defying the common laws of technology. TAKE A SWIG.

– Someone gets asked about how they feel after the win. But really, they’ve lost. TAKE A SWIG.

– The entire ATP tour weasels around the term “favorite” like it’s some kind of a poisoned chalice. TAKE A SWIG.

– “Grunt”/”Hindrance”-gate rears its ugly head again, mainly focusing on Azarenka and Sharapova instead of the selective grunting heard on both tours. TAKE A SWIG.

– Andy Murray ends up being at odds with someone. TAKE A SWIG. If it happens to be the French crowd, TAKE ANOTHER SWIG. Kim Sears dons the appropriate piece of clothing during the next match. CHUG.


– “… and he hasn’t lost in Paris except for the one time against Söderling!” TAKE A SWIG. 

– A commentator complains about the lack of Hawkeye on clay. TAKE A SWIG.

– There is someone on a show court who really shouldn’t be there at all. AGAIN. TAKE A SWIG. 

– A match ends up delayed due to darkness. TAKE A SWIG. The crowd starts booing and makes its discontent heard. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– You spot a Mexican Wave doing the rounds on the Bullring (Court 1). TAKE A SWIG.

– Maria Sharapova wins another three-set slug fest. TAKE A SWIG. Sharapova wins at least one point due to paralyzing an opponent with a deathglare. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– Novak Djokovic has another agonizingly close bruise with a bottle of champagne. TAKE A SWIG. He opens it in precisely the same vein as in Rome. CHUG.

– Two players end up wearing the exact same outfit and it’s all just a little awkward. TAKE A SWIG.

– Someone complains about the poor weather in Paris. TAKE A SWIG. The person, player or media member happens to be British. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– Alizé Cornet takes over your twitter timeline with a dramatic performance on Chatrier. TAKE A SWIG.

– Gael Monfils does something completely unnecessary, yet strangely glorious on court. TAKE A SWIG.

– Rafael Nadal – Novak Djokovic will be presented as a de facto finals. TAKE A SWIG. There won’t even be a Nadal-Djokovic quarterfinal. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG. There is a Nadal-Djokovic QF and the Serb loses the match after being a break up in the fifth, touching the net in a critical moment. CHUG AND GIVE UP ON EVERYTHING.

Are your livers ready for the French Open? Sound off in the comments!

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