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A Pint of Pimm’s: The 2015 Wimbledon Drinking Game

Have you already broken into the strawberries and cream? On Day 2 of the Championships, wash it down with a pint of Pimm’s!

Enjoy, have fun and drink responsibly! 

– Serena Williams puts more money into the swear jar. TAKE A SWIG.

– Fabio Fognini decides to… Fognini. TAKE A SWIG.

– Broadcaster present certain rumors as straight up FACTS. TAKE A SWIG.

– High temperatures hitting the UK spark a “heat rule” debate. TAKE A SWIG. Brad Gilbert or John McEnroe share their thoughts on said heat rule — or any rule in general. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– Novak Djokovic slides on the grass and ends up slipping. TAKE A SWIG. Djokovic’s “cheating” is brought up again. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– Someone in the crowd faints. TAKE A SWIG. Amidst the chaos, a coach uses the opportunity to pass on some tips to their charge in a non-subtle way. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– A player complains that grass is a stupid surface. TAKE A SWIG. Said player is Jelena Jankovic or Benoit Paire. TAKE ANOTHER SWIG.

– Grigor Dimitrov’s results have been nosediving yet he still gets “Grand Slam Champion treatment” at Wimbledon. TAKE A SWIG. Dimitrov makes it further than Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon for a second year in a row. CHUG.

– The camera zooms in on a celebrity and you have NO idea who they are. TAKE A SWIG.

Embed from Getty Images

– Shouts of “COME ON TIM!” echo across the site. TAKE A SWIG. “Now — is it Murray Mound or Henman Hill?” TAKE A SWIG.

– Whenever someone wonders whether Wimbledon 2015 will be Federer’s “last shot at winning a Slam” – TAKE A SWIG.

– Dramatic/emotional BBC Andy Murray Montage. TAKE A SWIG. Dramatic/emotional ESPN Serena Williams Montage. TAKE A SWIG.

– Kim Murray, sitting in the players’ box and her hair shining like strings of gold. TAKE A SWIG – Wearing a “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”.  TAKE ANOTHER SWIG

– Roving reporter Pam Shriver encounters more language barriers. TAKE A SWIG. Pam Shriver manages to upset a player by talking too loudly. CHUG.

– Someone appears in a press conference wearing a Kimono. TAKE A SWIG. Bouchard defends her finalist points from 2014. CHUG WHATEVER YOU HAVE!

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