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“The Last Time Roger Federer Missed a Grand Slam”: A Twisticle

For the first time this decade — or rather century — 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer won’t be featuring in a major main draw. The World No. 3 has been struggling with injury throughout this season, and most recently back issues kept him out of Madrid and only saw him play Rome in a very compromised physical state. After almost 17 years, this will be the first major without the Swiss in the main draw — reason enough to ask around on Twitter: what was life like the last time Roger Federer didn’t feature in a Grand Slam?

Social media is a funny thing — within minutes of Roger Federer’s Facebook announcement announcing his withdrawal from Roland Garros, Twitter was abuzz. Statistics were brought forth from the books of tennis history and the possible and definite implications of the World No. 3’s withdrawal were discussed. As soon as all come to grips with the news and its consequences, they start to look back — what was actually happening the last time the Swiss didn’t feature in the main draw of a Slam back in the glorious summer of 1999?

The obvious:

Celebrity couples:

Then Vavrinec, now Federer:



Chart forces:

Gotta Catch ‘Em All:



Full Circle stories:


Fellow tennis players:

Disney memories:

… Tweets that make you feel old:



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